Did you know that scientists know more about our moon than they do about our oceans? It’s a fascinating fact and one that goes to show that outer space may not be the final frontier after all. It is, however, the most expansive frontier. There is more room for possibility out in the vastness of the cosmos than under our seas.

For almost as long as there have been films, curious filmmakers have pondered such possibilities. Chief among them: new worlds and new forms of life. Earth can’t be the only planet capable of sustaining intelligent life, can it?

Judging by the films we’ve gotten over the years, these artists have come to a general conclusion. Not only are we not alone in the universe, but we’re sorely outmatched. In some terrifying instances, by deadly superior life forms looking to dominate our planet.

Here are the seven deadliest movie monsters from outer space that fit that description.

7. Audrey II- Little Shop of Horrors (1986)


Sure, it starts with a drop of blood here or there. Then, before you know it, you’re chopping your boss into little pieces and feeding him to smooth talking shrubs. You’re too dazzled by their promise of fortune and fame (as well as their lovely baritone pipes) to see the threat growing just under your nose. Eventually, they’re too big to fail and more of them are sprouting up next door, down the street, everywhere (at least if you saw the original ending)! There’s no denying how deadly this charming, cunning chunk of cabbage is. Thankfully, you can minimize the risk of fatality if you just read the signs: “Whatever they offer you, don’t feed the plants!”

6. King Ghidorah- Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991)


Unlike Audrey II, there’s nothing small or cute (or aurally alluring) about King Ghidorah. He doesn’t have to earn your trust to end your life. There is a multitude of means by which this three-headed monstrosity can help you meet your maker: eat you, squish you, whip you (with either tail), or shoot freakin’ lightning at you from any or all of his mouths! To make matters worse, he can fly! This means running away is a near impossibility. Your best chance is praying to God. Godzilla, that is.

5. The Blob- The Blob (1988)

blob sagget

King Ghidorah is big enough, though, that you could likely get away early if you spotted him on the horizon. The scariest stuff is what you don’t see coming and that’s precisely the blob’s M.O. It’s just colorful enough to find appealing but unappealing enough to not be seen as a threat (you’d think it was garbage before you’d think it was the life-sucking scum of the universe). And once you’re close enough, it pounces and the last thing you know on this god-forsaken rock is the cold touch of its tight, gelatinous grasp. As if that wasn’t awful enough, it grows larger with each meal and that can only mean a bigger appetite.

4. The Xenomorph- Alien (1979)


You may not see the blob coming, but eventually (perhaps once it’s big enough) somebody will get wise and torch it, which seems to work in those movies. On the other hand, the only effect fire seems to have on a xenomorph is pissing it off and you don’t want to agitate this beast. Not only is it fire-proof, but it’s also scary stealthy. Like the blob, you won’t be alerted to its presence until its too late. By then, its retractable mandible is feasting on your mushy membrane. The xenomorph has been referred to as “the perfect organism.” Its purpose is to thrive and it thrives by eating. It eats by hunting and it’s the perfect hunter.

3. The Thing- The Thing (1982)


Alright, before you hand me a verbal lashing, hear me out. I know fire is pretty effective against this intergalactic impersonator; however, what makes the Thing scarier than the xeno is this: you can never be 100% sure that you’ve killed it. If you miraculously manage to dispatch a xenomorph, that’s it. It’s gone. But the Thing is a trickster that can take many forms. Even if you torched one of its hosts, it could still be the friend at your side who’s watching along as the carcass blazes out. Or the dog that ran away once the crap started hitting the fan. And once you think it’s over and you’ve finally let your guard down… That’s when the Thing will do its thing.

2. Slither Slugs- Slither (2006)


This one is pretty simple. Take my rationale behind why the Thing is terrifying and multiply that by hundreds! That’s how frightening the Slither Slugs are! These slimy parasites infect a human host, command their consciousness and then mutate their body beyond repulsion until they reproduce countless more offspring. It’s a never-ending life cycle that will forefit your life.

1. The Predator- Predator (1987)


Alas! We finally arrive at the most dangerous game! And I mean that because the Predator is a creature who kills for sport. That’s right. It doesn’t need to rip your spine out of your back with your skull still attached and it definitely doesn’t need to display it in a trophy case or around its waist. It wants to! That alone is more chilling than getting in the way of something that’s simply looking to survive. Add to that the species’ hyper-advanced, technological prowess. They’ve proven they’re smarter than a lot of living things in the universe. So no matter where you run or where you hide, the Predator will track you down, end you, and revel in the glory of the kill.

Well there you have it! Our list of the top seven deadliest movie monsters from space! Let us know in the comments below what you think of our list and give us your own list! And feel free to share this post with your sci-fi or horror nerd friends!


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