Universal Studios is digging deep into their vault of classic movie monsters for this one.

As Deadline is reporting, the studio has acquired a pitch for a contemporary reimagining of the 1956 creature feature The Mole People. Chris Winterbauer, who sold the pitch to Universal, is also set to pen the screenplay.

In the new take, a woman travels to a town veiled in a conspiracy to rescue her grandchildren from their father. To do this, she must fight through hell in the underground tunnels where the Mole People reside. In the 1956 original, archaeologists stumble into the underground lair of a race of darkness-dwellers who can see in low light and have no pigmentation after being out of the light for so long. The high priest who rules the small pocket of mole people is threatened by the newcomers and wants them dead.

The pic will be produced by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Dave Alpert at Skybound. Universal execs Holly Goline, Jay Polidoro and Matt Reilly are overseeing for the studio.

What do you make about this bit of movie news? Have you ever seen the original The Mole People? Does a more contemporary take on the material sound like something you would want to check out? Or does this entire report bore you? Sound off in the comments below to let us and the rest of the movie-loving world know your thoughts!


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