Top 10 Best Movies Of 2019 So Far

We are halfway through 2019 already, which obviously means that half of the year's cinematic offerings are in the rear view. As I do at certain point every year, I like to reflect back on my time at the theater and update my obligatory "the best movies of the year so far" list. It's important … Continue reading Top 10 Best Movies Of 2019 So Far


The Top 5 Best Films Of 2019 So Far

Unbelievably, we have already wrapped the first quarter of the new year (can I even call it "the new year" anymore?). At this point, we've seen plenty of wonderful new films. We've also gotten a load of some pure hot trash. But we like to think as positively as we can around here, so let's … Continue reading The Top 5 Best Films Of 2019 So Far

Film Review– ‘The Beach Bum’ (2019)

The Beach Bum is one of the wackiest films I've seen in a while, an unexpectedly endearing stoner comedy trapped inside the body of a whimsical, beautifully shot art house flick. Much like its titular slacker, The Beach Bum wanders aimlessly from one vignette to the next. There isn't an overarching narrative or goal driving … Continue reading Film Review– ‘The Beach Bum’ (2019)