The Academy Award-winning composer of Up is set to make his big screen directorial debut. According to Deadline, Michael Giacchino will helm a reboot of the 1954 sci-fi creature feature Them! for Warner Bros.

The outlet is also reporting that Giacchino is currently meeting with writers in hopes of getting the project into production soon.

In the Gordon Douglas-directed original film, which also was a Warner Bros. release, a huge nest of irradiated ants is discovered in the New Mexico desert and become a national threat when two young queen ants and their consorts escape to set up new nests. The national search that ensues culminates in a battle in spillways and storm drains of Los Angeles.

This will be the composer’s second time filling out the director’s chair. He recently made his bow as director on Marvel Studios’ Halloween special, Werewolf by Night.

What do you make of this news? Are you ready for a reboot of Them? Is Michael Giacchino the right person to head the project? Sound off in the comments below to let us and the rest of the movie-loving world know your thoughts on the matter!


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