Sequels. They have the power to give us more of something we love. They also have the power to destroy our childhoods. But love ’em or hate ’em, they’re here to stay. Sequels more times than not represent a safe bet for a studio. There’s already a brand recognition attached to them; a built-in audience, if you will. And while some sequels are a sure thing, others come as a total surprise. So let’s steer away from the obvious to examine a few sequels we’re getting that you might not currently have on your movie radar.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance

Review: Skimpy 'Magic Mike XXL' still knows how to please

Hard to believe it’s been a nearly a full decade since Magic Mike first strutted onto the scene. In 2015, Steven Soderbergh handed the reigns of Magic Mike XXL to his assistant director Gregory Jones. This time around, Soderbergh is returning to the director’s chair. He’s reuniting not only with Channing Tatum, who plays the titular Mike, but also Reid Carolin, who penned the first two films. Not much is known about the story of the third entry except that it will reportedly put a bow on the trilogy. While no release date has been announced, it is being reported that Magic Mike’s Last Dance will forego a theatrical release like the previous movies and instead go directly to HBO Max.

via Variety

The Meg 2

REVIEW- The Meg: Its Statham V Shark in an entertaining popcorn movie that  suffers from its certificate – Screen Queens

It’s happening again. Another Megalodon is set to terrorize the seven seas following the 2018 blockbuster shark romp. Stepping in for Jon Turteltaub is Kill List and Free Fire director Ben Wheatley. Dean Georgaris and Jon & Erich Hoeber, who contributed to the first film’s script, are returning to write the sequel. Though we do not yet have a release date, the film is currently undergoing principal photography, which likely means it won’t hit screen until sometime in 2023. Jason Statham will reprise his role as deep-sea rescue diver Jonas Taylor. Statham will reportedly have more creative input this time around, which means we could see a lot more blood in the water.

via BloodyDisgusting

Girls’ Trip 2

Watch Girls Trip | Prime Video

Tiffany Haddish is returning to the role that made her a star. During an interview with Good Morning America, Girls Trip producer Will Packer let it be known that, yes, Girls Trip 2 is a-go. Ryan (Regina Hall), Sasha (Queen Latifah), Dina (Tiffany Haddish), and Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) are all said to be reprising their roles. Malcolm D. Lee is also coming back to direct the follow-up, though from the sounds of it, a script has not yet been finalized.

via GMA

Mortal Kombat 2

Mortal Kombat' Review - Variety

I hope you’re ready for round two because New Line certainly is. The studio has reportedly hired screenwriter Jeremy Slater to pen the sequel to last year’s adaptation of the classic fighting game. Slater’s previous work includes the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot, Netflix’s live-action Death Note, as well as The Umbrella Academy. The last Mortal Kombat debuted simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max and despite the pandemic, managed to pull in $83.7 million globally. On the streaming side, HBO Max doesn’t release its specific numbers; however, they claim that the film was among their best performers on the service. No director or cast is currently attached, though we’ll likely see at least a handful of the same characters make their return.

via THR

Those are some of the biggest sequels currently in the works. What do you make of them? Are you looking forward to any of these flicks in particular? Are there other sequels being developed that we left out and have you more excited? Sound off in the comments below to let us and the rest of the movie loving world know your thoughts!


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