As we head into February, we’re also heading into awards season 2021. You might recall, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences delayed the annual Oscars ceremony back to April this year in light of the pandemic. The window for Academy Awards eligibility has also been extended through February 28. Fortunately, if you like me are a big fan of the Oscars, there is still a slew of similar ceremonies leading up to Hollywood’s biggest night of the year to look forward. The different guilds that make up the film industry (and consequentially a majority of the Academy as well) will be handing out their own, individual prizes. But it can be a pain in the neck trying to figure out when each of the guilds will be hosting their awards show. To make it easier for you awards nerds (and myself, if I’m honest), I have done the homework for you. Below is my breakdown of the 2021 awards season calendar. I hope you find it useful!

Golden Globe Awards – Feb. 28
Critics’ Choice Awards – Mar. 7
Writers Guild Awards – Mar. 21
Producers Guild Awards – Mar. 24
Make-Up & Hairstylists Guild Awards – Apr. 3
Screen Actors Guild Awards – Apr. 4
Visual Effects Society Awards – Apr. 6
Art Directors Guild Awards – Apr. 10
Directors Guild Awards – Apr. 10
British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards – Apr. 11
Costume Designers Guild Awards – Apr. 13
Cinema Audio Society Awards – Apr. 17
American Cinema Editors Awards – Apr. 18
American Society of Cinematographers Awards – Apr. 18
Indie Spirit Awards – Apr. 24
Academy Awards – Apr. 25

That’s the awards season schedule for 2021. Which ceremonies do you have your eyes on? Are you even a film awards fan? If not, how come? Sound off in the comments below and let me and the rest of the movie loving world know your thoughts on the matter!

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