The release of John Krasinski’s follow-up to his smash monster hit A Quiet Place was delayed by more than a full calendar year. It’s a bummer for sure, but fan’s patience are about to be rewarded two-fold.

According to THR, Jeff Nichols, the filmmaker behind such critical darlings as Mud and Loving, has been tapped by Paramount to both write and direct a standalone feature film inside the nearly silent cinematic world that Krasinski first established with his 2018 flick.

Though Nichols is penning the script, the film’s story is based on idea from Krasinski himself. The A Quiet Place originator will oversee the project as a producer alongside Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller.

Quiet Place was set in a post-apocalyptic world in which creatures with heightened hearing used sound to devour humankind. The movie followed a family trying their best to stay silent and stay alive. The picture proved to be a cultural phenomenon with both  critics and audiences, scaring up over $340 million worldwide on a budget of less than $20 million, and nabbing an Oscar nomination for best sound editing.

A Quiet Place Part II scheduled to open March 20, 2020, but the release was postponed several times due to theater closures and coronavirus lockdowns. It is now scheduled for release now on April 23, 2021.

What do you make of this development? Are you behind the idea of an expanded A Quiet Place cinematic universe? Or are you weary of a film in the series that is not directed by John Krasinski? Sound off in the comments below and let me and the rest of the movie-loving world know your thoughts!


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