A potential TV spin-off of the cult horror flick Under the Skin has sparked a bidding war between the the film’s original financier, Silver Reel, and studio, A24.

Based on a novel by Michel Faber and directed by British filmmaker Jonathan Glazer, Under the Skin landed in 2013 and quickly found critical success worldwide. It follows a nearly-silent Scarlett Johansson as a curious agent from space who lands in Scotland and preys on unsuspecting men.

Glazer and Under the Skin producer James Wilson were first approached about adapting the material to the small screen back in 2017. They’ve also discussed the proposal with Silver Reel CEO Claudia Bluemhuber, according to Deadline. However, the two sides have yet to hit upon an agreement.

A24, which is working with Glazer and Wilson on their next film, has now entered the discussions and a bidding war between the two companies has ensued. The TV rights are being sold to the highest bidder and a decision is expected to be made within the coming weeks.

What do you think about an Under the Skin television series? Does the source material lend itself to such a spin-off? And would you watch if it wound up getting the green light? Sound off in the comments below and let me know your thoughts on the story!


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