You can’t kill a ghost.

Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, Spyglass Media Group is indeed moving forward with a brand new Scream movie. The content company landed the rights to slasher series created by Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson as well as a number of the Weinstein Company’s films following their recent bankruptcy.

This marks Spyglass’s second move on a well-established horror franchise. As we speak, the company is in pre-production on a Hellraiser reboot that’s being written by none other than David S. Goyer (Blade II, Batman Begins, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice). The last time we saw Ghostface in action on the big screen was in 2011’s Scream 4, which was Wes Craven’s last film prior to his unfortunate passing in 2015.

As far as the new Scream movie is concerned, the Bloody Disgusting article doesn’t list any further details about the project. Stay tuned.

How do you feel about getting another Scream movie? Were you waiting eagerly for this news as I was, every day since Scream 4? Or could you go without? Jump down to the comments below and let me know your thoughts on the matter!


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