Last week artist and toy enthusiast Todd McFarlane stopped by the Fan Expo Canada where he dropped some unexpected news. While speaking to Comic Book, McFarlane let it be known that he is currently in development on not one, but two animated series based on his popular Spawn comic series.

“We’re talking right now. I just had a couple meetings this weekend about a couple different animation looks, both something that we can get kids in at a younger age and then get them into the sort of crack cocaine version of Spawn. And then do the adult one. So we’re talking about that. I think both of those come after the movie.”

In addition to the new series, McFarlane is currently trying to get a second live-action Spawn film off the ground. Not much is known about the project other than it would mark McFarlane’s directorial debut. We also know that Academy Award-winner Jamie Foxx has signed on to play Al Simmons, the man who becomes an agent of the devil. Jeremy Renner is set to play Detective Twitch Williams, who investigates the grizzly crimes left in Spawn’s wake.

As McFarlane makes clear in his remarks, the series are currently planned to come out some time after the film (if that ever happens). Still, the idea of a kid-friendly Spawn show is so bonkers that I positively will need to check it out. As for the more mature series, I am a fan of the original Spawn animated show, so I’m already sold on more.

How about you? Would you watch a rebooted Spawn animated series? And what do you make about the idea of a kids version? Do you think that could even work? Sound off in the comments below and let me know how this news hits you!


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