Fresh off the scaly heels of the summer horror hit Crawl, Alexandre Aja has penned a deal to direct an experimental haunted house flick for Steven Spielberg and his Amblin partners. What makes the project so experimental, you ask? Well, according to Collider, the film will be an interactive choose-your-own-adventure with branching narratives.

Amblin is working with Kino Industries’ CtrlMovie technology to develop an app which moviegoers will have access to during the film. From the app audiences will select their desired outcomes at certain points during the story. Essentially, each showing will have different plots, endings and even runtimes depending on the choices made.

The currently untitled project is being written by Jeff Howard (The Haunting of Hill House), Nick Simon (The Girl in the Photographs), and Aja, based on an idea by Howard and Mike Flanagan (Doctor Sleep).

What do you make of Alexandre Aja directing an interactive horror movie? And what do you think of the whole idea in general? Is this the future of the moviegoing experience? Sound off in the comments below and let me know your thoughts!

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