Filmmaker and living pillar of the nerd community Kevin Smith has been itching to make a third Clerks film for years now. He first announced that he was working on the project back in 2012; and then in 2017, a couple of months before productions was set to start, Smith revealed that the film was dead in the water as one of the major stars had dropped out.

We later found out that said star was Jeff Anderson, who played Randal Graves in the first two Clerks movies as well as Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Now it appears Smith is back on the horse. While plugging his upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot at last weekend’s San Diego Comic Con, Smith let it be known that he is indeed rewriting a new version of Clerks 3 that will hopefully entice Anderson to come board. reports:

“When I wrote Clerks 3, I wrote it during a weirder, darker point in my life, and it’s kind of like the King Lear of our movies. I love it, it’s one of my favorite scripts, but it’s dark. It’s bleak, and it’s not what Dante and Randal deserve. We’re never going to make that version of Clerks 3, but I’m going to write a different Clerks 3 and we’re going to make that fucking film, I promise. And in a world where we got to bring Ben [Affleck] back, I’ll be able to bring Jeff back. They gave me this much, I owe them one last thing.”

Smith is hosting a live reading of his original Clerks 3 script next month on August 3 in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.

What do you make of a third Clerks movie? Is it something that you’d be interested in checking out? Or should Kevin Smith just let sleeping dogs lay? Sound off in the comments below and let me know what you think about this story!


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