In 1987 Eddie Murphy hit the stage to record Eddie Murphy Raw. The acclaimed set grossed $50.5 million and still stands as the highest-grossing comedy special of all-time. Decades later, it seems the comedian is ready to step back into the spotlight and in a big, bad way.

According to TMZ, Murphy has been in talks with– you guessed it– Netflix to record an undisclosed number of comedy specials for a reported $70 million.

If true, the deal would fall about in line with previous deals penned between the streaming giant and other big-named comedians. Chris Rock received $40 million for two specials while Dave Chappelle scored $60 million for three of his own. Looking at this trend as well as Murphy’s reported paycheck, it’s likely the comic legend is looking to put out three separate sets.

The timing of this announcement comes such that Murphy could be staring down the barrel of a career renaissance (a Murphissance?). The comedian is reportedly developing a sequel to 1988’s Coming to America, a fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie and Triplets, a sequel to the Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy Twins.

Outside of the Shrek films, Murphy has struggled nearly 20 years to drawn in an audience. His last wide release vehicle A Thousand Words flopped miserably, costing $40 million to produce and only grossing $22 worldwide.

What do you make of Eddie Murphy returning to standup? Is it something you’re interested in? Or is he too old hat? Jump down to the comments below and let me know


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