Filmmaker Ari Aster put himself on the map with 2018’s Hereditary and this year’s Midsommar, both equally artful and horrifying experiences. However, it sounds like the young mastermind wants to go in a slightly different direction with his next project.

During a Reddit AMA session Thursday, Aster was asked what his next movie will be. In response, he offered up this bit:

“Next one will either be a zonky nightmare comedy or a big, sickly domestic melodrama.”

Speaking with Bloody Disgusting last week, Aster shared that while uncertain which film he’ll go with next, both would fit into spiritual trilogy with Hereditary and Midsommar:

“I don’t know which one I’m going to do next… Both fit into a trilogy if I decided to announce it as that.”

Judging from Aster’s descriptions, both projects would feature the filmmaker’s darkly twisted skill set to some extent and thus likely fit in with his first two films. However, it sounds like his general plans are to skew from screams to laughs with a full-on comedy, which Aster says will “hopefully” happen “very soon.”

If you’re looking for another straight horror film from the director, fear not:

“It might take me a few movies before I wind back around to it, but I love horror and I’m sure I’ll be back.”

What do you make of Ari Aster’s first two films? Were you a fan? And what do you think about his two pitches for his third film? Should he go with one over the other? Jump down to the comments below and share your thoughts!


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