You can’t kill the Boogeyman. It was true all through the 80’s and it’s still true today.

Per Collider, Blumhouse is preparing to move forward with a follow-up to 2018’s Halloween. Multiple sources are telling the outlet that the plan is to begin principal photography on the film sometime after Labor Day with an eye for release on October 16, 2020.

Though a studio rep declined to comment on the matter, it makes sense. David Gordon Green’s Halloween scored $255 million worldwide on a $10 million budget. Those numbers alone warrant another trip back to Haddonfield. Not to mention Jason Blum himself has openly teased the prospect of revisiting the franchise, having tweeted out and image of him and Jamie Lee Curtis holding some Halloween swag saying “We’re discussing stuff.”

Check out Blum’s tweet for yourself:

Though we don’t know much about the project, this likely means we’ll see Curtis back in some capacity as Laurie Strode, having survived yet another horrific massacre at the hands of Michael Myers.

If Halloween 2 (or whatever it ends up being called) does happen, it will be the 12th film in the franchise; however, it will only mark the third entry in the newer strand of continuity which includes John Carpenter’s seminal masterpiece and last year’s reboot.

What do you think about a sequel to Halloween 2018? Do you think it’s a good idea? Is it something you’d be interested in seeing? Sound off in the comments below and let me know your thoughts!


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