The New Mutants stirred up some buzz when the film’s first trailer dropped back in 2017. Since then, the production has been unlucky as its original release date of Friday, April 13th of 2018.

From there, Fox initially pushed The New Mutants to February 2019 and then again to August of that same year. Now as Disney finds itself shuffling an extra crowded release slate, the last X-Men universe project from Fox has been bumped yet again and this time all the way to April 3, 2020.

Production of Josh Boone’s adaptation of the Marvel comics was notoriously plagued by uncertainty. Reported originally as a horror spin on the superhero genre, it seems Boom and the studio couldn’t come to an understanding on just how far or how hard to push the horror elements. Then came word earlier this year from the film’s cast that the announced reshoots for the film had not yet been scheduled.

News on The New Mutants front had gone as of late, leading many to speculate that the Mouse House would just drop the film on Hulu and call it a day. Then the studio included the film as part of their theatrical lineup during this year’s Cinema Con, though they never specifically discussed the project. Now hearing today’s news, it’s interesting to hear that Disney still seems keen on the idea of putting The New Mutants in theaters.

I’ll keep you updated on the curious case The New Mutants as we hear more!

What do you make of this news? Are you saddened to hear that we’ll have to wait even longer to see The New Mutants? Do you even think we’ll see the film at this point? If so, will it be in theaters or on Hulu? Jump down to the comments section below and share your thoughts!


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