Been living under a rock? That’s alright, I don’t judge. Allow me to fill you in on a big bit of entertainment news. Disney straight up bought 20th Century Fox (I know, right!). As you might expect, they’ve been doing a lot of house cleaning trying to reorganize their already busy release schedule.

Well, it looks like they’ve figured most of it out because today the Mouse House announced their theatrical plans for the foreseeable future. They include pushing back the release dates of James Cameron’s Avatar sequels and The New Mutants. But the plans also include some new, if untitled, entries in popular franchises like Star Wars and the Marvel cinematic universe.

Between May of next year and November of 2022, look forward to feasting your eye nuggets on eight (count ’em eight) Marvel cinematic universe films. Here is how the release dates for Phase Four break down:









Which films will match which dates? While we can’t say for sure at this point, it has been made known that Doctor Strange 2 is on its way as well as a Shang-Chi movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and The Eternals. Let’s not forget either that Marvel Studios is reportedly going into production soon on a stand-alone Black Widow movie. Will these five films fill up five of these newly announced slots? Kevin Fiege won’t let us know until well after Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters, so we got some time to kill.

There you have it! Eight release dates for eight untitled Marvel movies. Which movies will match which dates? Your guess is as good as mine, but I still want to hear from you! Jump down to the comments section below and leave your ideas!


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