The American Genre Film Archive is the world’s largest non-profit genre film archive and distributor and now they’re teaming up with home video label Shout! Factory for what IndieWire is referring to as “a wide-ranging new theatrical partnership” with the intention of bringing more than a couple dozen cult classic films to theaters across North America.

The outlet is reporting that AGFA will distribute 50 films from the vast library of Shout! Factory licensed titles. Among those chosen for the prestigious honor include slasher favorites such as Bob Clark’s Black Christmas, Chopping Mall, Slumber Party Massacre I & II as well as the original Piranha.


The deal also includes a number of more critically beloved classics like John Ford’s Stagecoach, John Cassavetes’ A Woman Under the Influence, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Foreign Correspondent.

AGFA Head of Business Affairs Alicia Coombs spoke about the collaboration in an official statement:

“We could not be more thrilled about this partnership. Shout! Factory’s catalog is so diverse, and every title is a winner — both for us as fans, and for the cinema-going public.”

In turn, Mark Balsam of Shout! Factory added:

“I greatly admire the care and attention afforded each film by AGFA. That focus will serve each of these classic films wonderfully.”


Each title is available in DCP– and some in 35mm– for immediate theatrical booking from AGFA.

Check out the full list of available Shout! Factory titles set to be distributed by AGFA:

“Battle Beyond the Stars”


“Black Christmas”

“A Boy and His Dog”

“Breaker Morant”

“Caged Heat”

“Chopping Mall” a.k.a. “Killbots”

“Crazy Mama”





“Fear City”

“Forbidden World”

“Foreign Correspondent”

“Galaxy of Terror”


“Greasers Palace”

“Holy Motors”


“Humanoids from the Deep”


“I Married a Witch”

“The Kids Are Alright”

“The Killing of a Chinese Bookie”

“The Long Voyage Home”

“The Ninth Configuration”

“Opening Night”





“Rock N’ Roll High School”

“The Harder They Come”

“The Ruling Class”

“Saint Jack”



“Simon, King of the Witches”

What do you think about this partnership? Will you be checking out any of this classics on the big screen? Sound off in the comments below and let me know!


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