Yes, American Horror Story is still a thing. More than that, it’s heading into its ninth season and thanks to creator Ryan Murphy, now we know the theme.

From his Instagram account (per Deadline), Murphy let it be known that the upcoming season will be a throwback to the reign of slasher films during the 1980s when franchises such as Friday the 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street ruled the box office. The announcement came via a short clip which featured a young woman fleeing through the darkened woods from a shadowy figure wielding a knife. The clip closed out with the official title card, which read American Horror Story: 1984.

Check out Ryan Murphy’s post below:

Series regular Emma Roberts is said to be returning for 1984. No word yet on whether Sarah Paulson will follow suit; however, Evan Peters is reportedly sitting out this season.

American Horror Story returns to FX this fall.

What do you make of the theme for this season of American Horror Story? Does it excite you? Do you still watch? If not, has this announcement done it’s job in making you want to come back to the show? Hit me up in the comments below and let me know what you’re thinking!


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