A movie centered around the origin of the classic hip-hop single I Got 5 On It is currently in the works.

If you’re unfamiliar with the song, then may I point you towards Jordan Peele’s latest film Us. The song is prominently used in the film as well as its marketing. As a result, I Got 5 On It has come alive on the charts for the first time since 1995, the year it was released, and in a big, bad way.

A year earlier, Zoë Alyce Salnave was only a year old when her mother started renting their small garage out a young musician by the name of Anthony “Tonecapone” Gilmour. She had nailed acoustic foam to the walls of the tiny space to keep them from vibrating as her renter perfected his craft on his way to producing I Got 5 On It.

Zoë Alyce Salnave (Right) and producing partner Kristen Laffey (Left).

Flash forward, Zoë Alyce Salnave is graduating USC’s film school and says for years she has wanted to make a film about  the song and how it changed the lives of everyone involved with its creation. According to The Wrap, the young filmmaker plans to call her film 5 On It.

Salnave told The Wrap:

“The song is kind of a climax of the story — and in a way, it all falls down. Some people have their success, and some people are really crushed by all this fame and the way the money gets spent.”

Salnave plans on writing and directing the film. With 5 On It, she wants to show that there is more to hip-hop than gangs and violence.

Additionally, Salnave says that the film will focus on the drama behind the scenes of I Got 5 On It; more specifically, the main characters will be Masters-Salnave, Gilmour, and Michael Marshall, the vocalist who sings the hypnotic hook of the titular song, which you can check out with your own ears below:

The Wrap also mentions that Jordan Peele’s Us brought a happy ending to the saga of I Got 5 On It. The outlet asked the budding filmmaker if her and her producing partner Kristen Laffey plan on paying it forward by making Peele’s film a part of 5 On It. They responded:

“I think we’re trying to allude to it.”

I wonder, after this news spreads, if Jordan Peele will hop on as a producer? How cool would that be?

What do you think about this story? Would you check out a film based around the creation of I Got 5 On It? And would you like to see Jordan Peele be a part of this film? Hit me up in the comments below and let me know your thoughts!


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