Disney has spared no expense over the last few years in preparation for the big launch of their own streaming service, what we now know to be called Disney+, later this year. The company even went so far as to outright purchase another major studio in 20th Century Fox just to compete with Netflix.

Well, it seems the Mouse House is truly going all in on Disney+, throwing everything in plus the kitchen sink in order to give potential customers the most bang for their buck.

During the company’s annual shareholder meeting Thursday (via SlashFilm), Bob Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company, confirmed that the Disney+ service will eventually house the “entire Disney motion picture library.” And yes, that includes everything currently stored away in the sacred Disney Vault.

So what will the Disney+ be offering? In addition to the wealth of films at Disney’s current disposal, the streaming service will also include whatever family-friendly 20th Century Fox content that Mickey decides to include, original television series starring popular Marvel Studios characters (Loki, Scarlet Witch and Vision are just a few who’ve been confirmed at this point), as well as original Star Wars series (including the upcoming The Mandalorian from Iron Man director Jon Favreau). Additionally, Disney+ will be the exclusive home of every major Marvel Studios film following their run in theaters, beginning with Captain Marvel.

With everything that has been confirmed so far and now the addition of every single Disney film that has ever been produced, Disney+ could be quite the game-changer in terms of how we consume our media going forward.

Disney+ sounds like the go-to place for all future Disney content. Will you be signing up at launch or are you still holding out for more? Let me know how you feel about all this in the comments below!


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