The first extended holiday weekend in 2019 is upon us, which means inflated four-day box office totals. For the sake of consistency, let’s focus on the regular three-day count. Here are your top five box office performers from this weekend:

1.) Glass– $40.5 million (Three-day)

The glass was half-empty and half-full this weekend for Universal and Blumhouse’s Glass. Though it won the weekend, M. Night Shyamalan’s latest did not quite soar to the heights many initially predicted it would. Over the typical three-day weekend, the film is estimated to gross around $40.5 million. The film has hauled in a $47 million take over the four-day holiday weekend, which is just shy of their $50 million projections. Some were speculating Glass could open anywhere between $60 to $70 million over the break. Still, the film has already doubled its reported $20 million production budget and it is expected to claim the fourth largest three-day opening in January. Comparatively, that’s a slight improvement over the last film in the series, Split, which debuted to $40 million.

2.) The Upside– $15.6 million (Three-day)

After over performing last weekend, STX’s The Upside held strong in week two, dipping just 23%. The studio is forecasting a $19.5 million haul over the four-day. That makes for a domestic crime just shy of $50 million in just 11 days in theaters.

3.) Aquaman–$10.3 million (Three-day)

After capping the box office three weekends in a row, Aquaman finally conceded to The Upside last weekend. That said, DC’s latest is now officially the best performing DCEU film to date, having grossed over $1 billion worldwide. This weekend the deep sea fantasy added another $10.3 million. Domestically, Aquaman is now treading territory north of $303 million.

4.) Dragon Ball Super: Broly– EST. $9.8 million (Three-day)

Perhaps the biggest story this weekend comes to us from Japan. FUNation’s Dragon Ball Super: Broly taken the number four place at the box office this weekend despite its limited number of showings nationwide. It must be said that the film’s domestic distributor has yet to release the official numbers, third party sources are claiming a three-day total topping $10 million and a five-day grab of more than $21 million.

5.) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse– $7.7 million (Three-day)

Sony’s first animated Spider-Man adventure is estimated to hang in the top five with $7.2 million. That makes for the smallest drop in the top five at just 19.8%. Domestically the film has grossed over $160 million. That makes it Sony’s second-highest grossing animated film just shy of Hotel Transylvania 2.

What do you think of this weekend’s box office? Any results surprise you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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