You might have heard, but the 91st annual Academy Awards nominations were announced this morning (you can check out the complete list here). Overall, the nominations played out as expected. That said, there were a handful of shocking reveals.

Starting with the most prestigious category of Best Picture. Though I enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody, it is not a better film than Hereditary, Blindspotting, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, A Quiet Place or You Were Never Really Here. I would take any of those films in Bo Rhap’s stead (check out my top 10 movies of 2018 here).

So far this awards season, both Green Book and A Star Is Born were heavily considered favorites to take home the coveted Best Picture Oscar in February. Green Book even took home top honors at the Producers Guild Awards, the best predictor of the Best Picture Oscar. However, neither film was nominated for Best Director, which means it is almost a certainty that neither will win the top title at the Oscars. Only a select few Best Picture winners never had their directors nominated that same year. Talk about a momentum killer!

One surprise is The Favourite; not that it tied with Netflix’s Roma for most nominations,  it is a wonderful film. What is surprising the lack of heat behind this film, despite being nominated in every major category and then some, including Best Picture, Best Director for Yorgos Lanthimos, Best Original Screenplay, Best Lead Actress and two Best Supporting Actress nods. Why aren’t more people talking about this movie?

From a lack of hype to a complete hype of recognition. Hereditary received zero nominations, most egregiously being Toni Collette, who was positively snubbed for a Best Lead Actress nod. Her performance is one of 2018’s best, regardless of male or female.

Turning towards the acting categories, it is unfortunate not see Joaquin Phoenix’s name under Best Lead Actor, tho it is not too surprising seeing is how his work in You Were Never Really Here has not been receiving any love this awards season so far. That said, Phoenix’s performance tops those from Viggo Mortensen, Willem Dafoe and Bradley Cooper. One of the true snubs.

Perhaps one of the most shocking nominations of the entire morning is Sam Rockwell, who was recognized for his role in Vice. Rockwell has not even been mentioned in this year’s race and his appearance in the film amounts to a short George W. Bush impersonation. Michael B. Jordan’s work in Black Panther was phenomenal and left an impression in 2018 sub-culture. The two names should be switched.

Regarding Best Documentary Feature, all the momentum seemed to be behind Won’t You Be My Neighbor? in a wonderful but competitive year for documentaries. Not only was the film highly critically acclaimed, but it won the equivalent award at the PGA’s. And it did not even receive a nomination? That is confounding.

The heat for Best Original Score seemed to be easily be behind Justin Hurwitz for his work on First Man. The Damien Chazelle film seems in the eyes of many to be undeserved, despite having lost some traction this awards season. Still, Hurtwitz was at least recognized by nearly every other awards body so far and even won the equivalent PGA Award, so not seeing its name at all for this category is out of this world silly.

Last, but not least comes one of the snubs I am most passionate about. It comes to us from the category of Best Original Song. The movie is Deadpool 2 and the artist is Celine Dion. I am of course talking about the song “Ashes,” which is the clear front runner and winner for this award in my book. Such a gorgeous, melodic expression of emotion. To not even see its name nominated leads me to believe there was some technical disqualification which prevented it from receiving the nod. That is the only explanation, right?

There are my thoughts on the biggest snubs and surprised from this year’s Academy Awards nominations. Do you all agree or disagree? And what were your snubs from 2018? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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