Another weekend of the Hollywood box office has come and a new top five has emerged! Let’s take a closer look at how this weekend breaks down…


1. Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch– $66 million

Topping the charts this weekend was Illumination’s adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s beloved holiday classic, The Grinch, which debuted with an estimated $66 million. That’s a better first weekend than a few other Illumination films, including Sing, Hop and the original Despicable Me.

If you’re comparing Grinch to Grinch, Ron Howard’s live-action ‘Grinch’ starring Jim Carrey opened to $55 million in about the same time frame back in 2000 and went on to gross over $345 million worldwide. In all The Grinch should hold strong through the holiday season, as it’s the only kids movie specifically aimed at this time of year.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody

Last weekend Bohemian Rhapsody premiered to $50 million, the second-best opening ever for a music biopic just behind Straight Outta Compton. This weekend the Queen flick had the best sophomore frame of any music biopic ever, dropping to just under $31 million. That officially puts ‘Boh Rap’ over the $100 million mark domestically in just ten days of release.

Expect ‘Rhapsody’ should quickly and easily overtake Walk the Line as the second-highest grossing music biopic in history.

3. Overlord

The J.J. Abrams-produced zombie war film Overlord under-performed this past weekend, opening to just over $10 million. That’s the third-lowest Bad Robot debut for a movie released in over 2,000 theaters. Though those numbers won’t wake the dead, the production budget for Overlord was reported only to be about $28 and the film still has yet to open in France and Australia.

4. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Disney’s continues to lose money on The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. This weekend the film took in an additional $9.7 million nationwide, making it the worst second frame of the year for the studio, even behind A Wrinkle in Time. Now at $97 million globally, it looks like the film won’t even be making its production budget back, which is reported to be a ridiculous $120 million. But who are we kidding? It’s not like the Mouse House can’t afford the loss.

5. The Girl in the Spider’s Web

Another disappointment this weekend came in the form of a dragon… Well, a dragon tattoo. Fede Alvarez’s (Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe) took a bath with a domestic opening steal of just over $8 million. The numbers are on par with studio projections, but anyone excited to see any more of these stories brought to the big screen will have to wait a long while.

In comparison, David Fincher’s American adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo opened north of $12 million and did so on less screens than ‘Spider’s Web.”

Are you surprised by any of these numbers? Or are they where you suspected they’d be? I want to hear from you so hit me up in the comments below!


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