By Jordan Peterson | @thefilmmajor

Reel #1


It’s been seven years already since Robert Downey Jr. last cracked the case as everyone’s favorite eccentric detective. After years of speculation, Warner Bros. has officially slated the third installment of the big-screen Sherlock Holmes series for Christmas 2020.

But who is Holmes without Watson? Co-star Jude Law will also return as Holmes’s faithful sidekick and best friend. However, there is no word yet on whether or not Guy Ritchie will return to direct as he had the previous two film.

Reel #2


Comedian/actor/ writer Jordan Peele took the world by storm last year with his smash horror hit Get Out. The film broke all kinds of box office records and ultimately won Peele his first Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Peele recently announced his sophomoric film, Us. Not much is known about the project other than it is indeed “another original and provocative thriller” and that it will star Academy Award-winner Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years A Slave) and Black Panther breakout Winston Duke.

Reel #3


Jamie Foxx is rumored to have been offered the role of Hell’s Avenger. Spawn first debuted in 1992. He was the brainchild of comic book writer and artist Todd McFarlane. Since then the character has appeared in hundreds of issues, an HBO animated series as well as a live-action movie starring Michael Jai White in 1997.

Blumhouse is now officially backing a new reimagining of the property alongside Mcfarlane, who is slated to direct. According to McFarlane, Spawn himself will have a limited role and not speak. For five years now Academy Award-winner Jamie Foxx (Ray) has been “aggressively pursuing” the titular role.


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