In yet another gut punch, Variety is reporting that President of LucasFilm Kathleen Kennedy has fired Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller during the production of the currently untitled Han Solo spinoff film. The project started filming back in January and still has a few weeks left to go. Kennedy has stated that a new director will be announced shortly but no names were mentioned as possible replacements.

Originally, both parties were citing “creative differences” as the source of the split. However, Variety is now reporting that “A person with knowledge of the production” has come forward, saying the “chemistry” between the directors and producer was “never right.”

The source goes on to say that Lord and Miller also clashed with Lawrence Kasdan, their co-writer and executive producer on the film. After apparently being hired for their “vision and distinctive brand of filmmaking,” it appears neither of the head honchos behind the project were fans of the pair’s shooting style or the way they interacted with the actors.

Lord and Miller have carved out a pretty good spot for themselves inside the studio system by writing and directing such hits as The LEGO Movie and the rebooted 21 Jump Street movies.

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