Disney and Lucasfilm unveiled today the first teaser poster for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi during the film’s panel at Star Wars Celebration: Orlando. The poster features Rey and Kylo Ren, two of the most prominent characters thus far in this new sequel trilogy. More prominently displayed, however, is Luke Skywalker, who has yet to play much of a role in the new trilogy. Though if Kathleen Kennedy is to be believed (and she is), then Luke will be featured heavily in this new legacy film. Aside from training Rey in the ways of the Force, though, it’s not entirely clear what exactly Luke’s role will be.

The poster’s mostly red splash suggests a much darker tone this time around (in the vein of The Empire Strikes Back). It’s also interesting that even Luke, who has been the hero of this franchise for so long, is doused in red. This along with the squinting face seems to suggest that even Jedi sometimes hold grudges (whatever those grudges may be).

It’s also curious that Rey’s lightsaber starts off blue but fades to red towards the top. Her lightsaber also seems to be shooting out at the sides, much like Kylo’s did in ‘The Force Awakens’. Could these signs be signifying that the rumors are in fact true? Will Rey succumb to the power of the Dark Side? Only time will tell. Until then, at least we got this beautiful poster!


What do you think of the new poster? Does it bring back the warm nostalgia or do you think it’s too much of a rehash? And would you like to see more, short analysis posts like this one? Let us know in the comments!


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