It’s a done deal! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Josh Brolin has landed the role of the time-traveling, bionic Cable in four upcoming mutant movies by Fox, including the first Deadpool sequel. This, of course, to the chagrin of fans such as myself who were still holding out for Keira Knightley. Maybe in another life, perhaps.

The casting makes perfect timing for Brolin, who is (supposedly) set to finish his run as Thanos, the ultimate baddie in Marvel and Disney’s cinematic superhero universe, with Avengers: Infinity War parts one and two, which are currently in production.

Recently, Michael Shannon was announced as the frontrunner to play Cable. Fox also had discussions going with Stranger Things star David Harbour and even Brad Pitt, believe it or not.

One of the co-directors of the original John Wick, David Leitch, is set to direct Deadpool 2 with production set to begin this June in Vancouver. Leitch also directed the forthcoming action thriller Atomic Blonde starring Charlize Theron.

What do you think of this casting news? Is Brolin the right fit for Cable or would you have preferred to see Shannon or Harbour (or Knightley?) in the role? Sound off in the comments below and let us know! We for one can’t wait for all the inevitable Thanos-Cable crossover references that the Merc with a Mouth is sure to make!


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