bbDisney’s live-action remake of Beauty & the Beast clawed through box office expectations this past weekend, bringing in more than $170 million domestically (the sixth best opening weekend ever). It should come as no surprise then that Disney is looking for ways to capitalize on this success.

You can find the specific tallies of this weekend's box office along with our analysis here.

During an interview with Deadline, Walt Disney Studios’ President of Production Sean Bailey disclosed that they’re already considering a possible prequel or spinoff for the tale as old as time. Deadline also reports that there are no plans to do a sequel, suggesting the studio learned their lesion with Alice Through the Looking Glass.

That said, Disney does not feel pressured to franchise their ‘Beauty’ anytime soon. As it is, the plan is to keep on with live-action adaptations of “classic [Disney] properties.” Bailey took this statement a bit further, saying no 2D animated film is off limits if a filmmaker can find a way in. Bailey did make it clear though that what is off limits are the post-2000’s CGI 3D films from both Pixar and Disney Animation. Of course, this could (and probably will) change once the Mouse House runs out of remake fuel.

Until then, we can look forward to years of live-action remakes of our favorite childhood Disney films. And if they’re all as good as Beauty & the Beast, I’m fine with that (click here for our full review of Beauty & the Beast).

Which Beauty & the Beast spinoff film would you like to see? Or would you rather not see one? Let us know in the comments below!


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